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    The Best of The Rest

    Here you can find a variety of firework-related products that don’t fit into our other categories. These include party poppers, fun snaps and party candles. You can even enjoy a blast from the past with our indoor fireworks - perfect for adding something different to any occasion.

    The firework industry provides a plethora of products and ranges, all designed to provide entertainment for any event or celebration. That means sometimes it is hard to categorise them all, but while these products may not have a home, they are well worth adding to any display. 

    For example, at Galactic Fireworks we stock 100% biodegradable flying lanterns. On these products, one customer said, “I think my kids preferred these to the fireworks.”

    Another fantastic and nostalgic addition to your show could be fun snaps, which one reviewer described as, “good old-fashioned fun! Great for entertaining the younger audience before or after a display.”