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Compound Fireworks

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    More About Our Compound Connecting Fireworks

    Our range of compound connecting fireworks consists of a series of products packaged as multiple cakes within a single box. In most cases, the fireworks within a box come pre-fused together so that you only need to light one fuse - which will then set off each firework in sequence to provide a complete display.

    A relatively new product to the fireworks industry, compound connecting fireworks are perfect if you’re looking for a memorable finale; or simply a brief but spectacular firework display that takes proceedings to the next level. View the Full Range Below!

    Despite being a newcomer, compound fireworks are fast becoming go-to fireworks.

    The nature of compound fireworks means that they are usually found on the professional market and often at a higher price point. The effects are stunning and long lasting. For example, ‘Bangers and Flash’ from Galactic Fireworks has a running time of almost a minute and a half!

    One Galactic Fireworks customer was particularly happy with their purchase of ‘Dark Demolisher’ by Celtic Fireworks. Used as part of a Wedding Display, the reviewer stated that, “on its own, it would have sufficed! I’ve bought another one already!”