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Firework Cakes £50+

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More About Our £50+ Cakes

These cakes are the absolute pinnacle of consumer fireworks. Manufactured to deliver display-quality effects, they have been hand-selected by the Galactic team, to ensure they meet our high standards. Expect mesmerising effects and seriously high performance from brands like Primed Pyrotechnics and Brothers.

Each of the cakes available within this collection costs above £50, but we can’t emphasise enough how much they justify their price. What’s more, when you choose to buy from us, you can also be sure that you’re accessing some of the best deals around. Browse our full selection of firework cakes above £50 below.

Cakes are able to unleash multiple effects at once. This can lead to extraordinary effects; making them an absolute must in any display.

In our £50+ firework cakes category, you will find a massive variety of colour, sound, shots and effects. It can be hard to know where to start but you can be assured that each firework has been selected with the ‘WOW’ factor in mind.

To really amaze your friends, family and whoever is watching, using multiple cakes together creates a stunning finale. One Galactic Fireworks customer used three ‘Champagne Fizz’ together and described the result as a “spectacle”.