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Firework Cakes £20 to £50

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    More About Our £20 to £50 Cakes

    At Galactic Fireworks, we continue to source only the best barrage fireworks available to UK consumers. Our priority is to offer excellent choice on powerful, high-performance cakes from the best brands the industry has to offer. This means that we always deliver outstanding pound-for-pound value and fireworks that are sure to blow your audience away. 

    These high calibre cakes are all designed to produce superb displays in their own right, with fireworks available for back garden and large-scale displays. Browse the full selection below. 

    Cake fireworks make the perfect showpiece, traditionally used as the finale to the display – adding impressive volume and plenty of colour to any show. 

    Our firework cakes come in a wide range of weights, sizes and durations. So, if you’re looking to build a display with a tight budget, consider adding one of our £20 to £50 cakes to make sure you get bang for your buck.

    Take ‘Diamond Princess’, one of our top sellers in this price category. One Galactic Fireworks customer described it as, “my favourite Category 2 cake of all time. Just immense effects, you’d never believe that it was cat 2 nor that it costs less than £30!