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Firework Boxes & Kits

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    More About Our Firework Boxes & Kits

    Here at Galactic, we stock an excellent range of firework boxes and kits suitable for events of all budgets and sizes. This range includes small firework packs designed for garden displays, as well as fully-prepared display bundles, giving you the freedom to purchase the fireworks best suited to the specifications of your display.

    No one display is ever the same and with this range, you can enjoy great choice on packs regardless of the budget you have available. Whichever pack you choose, we have done our utmost to pack in the best quality fireworks for the price. You won't find better value for money in terms of quality and effects elsewhere. If you hover over the Boxes & Kits menu tab, you'll be able to filter by criteria such as price range or the amount of fireworks you require.

    Fireworks boxes and kits are popular with many Galactic Fireworks customers as they can serve as a stand-alone display in their own right, or add more depth to a larger display. With such a range to choose from, there are fireworks kits for every occasion, from weddings and kids parties, right through to birthdays and professional displays. 

    If loud bangs are your priority, we would suggest choosing a cake box with power to pack a punch, such as our Mr Galactics Finale Piece, giving you loud, powerful bangs whilst currently offering a huge saving!

    For smaller garden displays, we’d highly recommend purchasing a variety box such as the 64 gigabyte pack. Rather than producing really loud effects, this 64 pack of stunning fireworks provides incredible ground-level entertainment. The array of fountains, candles and wheels are the perfect assortment for a long-lasting back garden display. 

    It’s ideal to set up your fireworks display in the daylight so you can see what you’re doing easily. When you’re organising the order of your fireworks display, position your smaller fireworks at the front of the display. Your larger fireworks such as rockets, are best at the back.