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June 12th 2016

Web Site Updates

Today is Monday 13th June 2016.

Anyway a few new changes to the web site happened today.

1: Three new banners on the home page that take you direct to whatever they are showing. At the moment thats collectables, clearance and multi firing cakes.

2: you can now add items direct to your basket without going into the item making it much easier.

3: The whole website is running on a wider screen resolution so it looks better on computers.

4: The default of items showing is up from 20 to 55 as I think that works much better

5: Items that used to be pick up only now have there own section on the top of the web page meaning everything is mail order apart from these items making it easier. This did tend to be single rockets or small packs as these are so hard to post out. Also this will allow us to put specials prices for items that are pick up only.

Hope you like the little changes we have made :)


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