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November 5th 2014

We really do sell some amazing pyro !

Ive just done a £1,200 display for a local pub and I have to say I cant really remeber ever thinking absolutely every single firework not been good but being amazing !

The Marvelous and the TDZT packs where both fired and I just couldnt believe how good each and everyone was.

The Candy Flies, Diamond Princess, Nuclear Demolition, where 3 that where again quite beyond amazing. But the 3 stand out pieces for me where the Fireworks Crazy from Brothers Pyrotechnics and two of our very own cakes these being Barbarian and Screaming Serpents !

I came away from that display being completely pyro satisfied which is weird considering the week before I did a £3,000 display and that didnt quite fullfill me in the same way ?

I should say I am obvioulsy a pyro addict as driving home all I could think about was how I would love to set off 10 x Screaming Serpents at once :) Lets see if I can get 5 people to buy 1 each from our forum and then I put the other 5 in :) That would be something to see :)


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