The Ring Of Fire: 36 Sky Breakers

An idea of ours for a number of years was to somehow fire a huge circle of barrages creating a ring of fire-works! We first of all needed a firework that was high performance, loud, straight firing with a single effect and a duration over 30s. We never had anything that we truly felt would work until we stocked the amazing Sky Breaker! 

The Sky Breaker is a awesome 36 shot barrage that launches these huge balls of colour over 30m high before bursting with an ear splitting boom. We then simply designed an overhead view full 360 degree circle, split this up between 36 fireworks and there we had it, every 10 degrees we plonked one down and we were set. 

Arriving at the field one of us stood center with a large rope and extended it 30m we then simply walked around in a circle and at the ropes end dropped a firework when needed. The 36 fireworks were then laid out and with the help of a drone cam ahead, ensured it was lovely and symmetrical. We wired all the fuses up together, each with an electric match connected to the firing system. This allowed us to fire all the 36 at the push of a single button. 

We all gathered in the middle of this giant explosive circle and the time came to launch the lot! We stood in anticipation, and after a 10s countdown, boom! They all fired perfectly. Saying it was the best thing we have ever seen after 20 years working with fireworks wouldn’t be lying.  It was incredible, the sheer noise was madness and everywhere you looked stood a wall of fire surrounding you. 

A video of this absolutely mad experiment is below.

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