The £3,000 Rocket Volley

At Galactic we are passionate about fireworks and have a genuine love for them, we are pyromaniacs through and through and this means we are always thinking of what wonderful and wacky experiments we can do? 

It got us thinking, whats the best rocket on the market? Of course the Supernova! So shall we fire 10, maybe 20 of them at once? No. of course not, that’s way too normal. It simply had to be 3 figures, 100 Supernovas was the bonkers plan. With this in mind we created a similar set up to when we fired 400 War Hawks as this worked perfect.

So with some racking bought and the rockets unboxed we covered the entire top shelf with black match, a fast and furious string, covered in gunpowder. This enabled us to create a blanket of flames once lit, that should, in theory light each rocket simultaneously to launch them together!

We loaded up the rockets and the rack looks menacing, I think we stood and looked at the thing for a good half hour simply in awe of what it looked like! That Saturday we transported the rack to the firing site where we added a fuse to the black match and connected a electric igniter to it, reason behind this was that we felt it best to be over 100m from this mega pyro monster before blast off! 

The end result was bonkers and really something to behold, it felt like the world was ending for the majority of 20 seconds! Take a look at the video below – 

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