October 5th 2014

Team Bear With Us - Last Bit

Unfortunately we didnt film the first half of this display. Really sorry about that. but heres the last half which is a real shame as the begining was probabaly they best start of all the teams displays.

1 6 x Magnum Sapphire Crowns
2 6 x Bright Star Proton Bomb Extremes
3 4 x Benstar Rainbow Storm with 4 x Bright Star Galactic Storm
4 2 x Brothers Blue Blitz
5 6 x Bright Star Stingers
6 3 x Cube Hot Hatch
7 4 x Magnum Mega Mine
8 2 x Brothers Ariel Celebration
9 2 x Brothers Magical Palms
10 2 x Brothers Hercules