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April 17th 2012

Team 3 Gay Lords 2012 Comp Meet

On the 12th of April 2012 a bunch of pyromaniacs descended on Dinnington near Sheffield to compete in The Galactic Fireworks Forum firework battle. Four teams all with a limited budget of £450 had to pick out and create and design a firework show to top the other three. Amazing fireworks available all year round from our 4 x retail stores please call us on 01909 560011. Alternatively you can order direct online from Galactic Fireworks simply the best quality at the lowest prices guaranteed!
There where 4 teams consisting of Team 1 = Tricka, Bandit & Tony-s. Team 2 = Dan The Man, Monstu & Ducati Superbike. Team 3 = gog. Pyro Daddy and Anthony Team 4 = Pyrojim, Pyroshez and Pyryemaniac. Team 4 where the winners so congrats to Jim Pitcher and his team on that ! The evening ended with setting off 100 King Rockets all at once which was spectacular !


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