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December 21st 2016

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your New Year Fireworks Display

Variety is key to the creation of any great fireworks display. If you’re putting together a display this New Year, this guide will provide a handy reference for the different fireworks to consider within your display.

The following are just a few of our suggestions for you to pick and choose from, but if you have a bigger budget, you can browse our full range of New Year fireworks here.

1. The Feature Fireworks

At the centre of any great fireworks display are the cakes and rockets. These are the fireworks that really give you the chance to mesmerise your audience. Thankfully at Galactic, we have a superb selection of both for you to choose from. Some standout products to consider this year are:

Cakes (Under £20)

Acid Rain From Brothers Pyrotechnics

In terms of value for under £10, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better alternative than Acid Rain. This 24-shot barrage firework lasts for an astonishing 35 seconds and delivers a series of magical effects throughout.

Buy Acid Rain

Radiant Spirals From Magnum Series Fireworks

The effects packed into Radiant Spirals are a joy to behold. This comes as no real surprise given that the cake is produced by Magnum Series Fireworks, who always deliver beautiful products. The swirling silver tails are a real highlight.

Buy Radiant Spirals

Cakes (£50+)

Big Daddy From Celtic Fireworks

If you have a bit more of a budget available, then it’s well worth splashing out on the Big Daddy Cake from Celtic. A truly remarkable fanned firework, this cake is packed to the brim with explosive power. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a display within itself, with a total running time of over 2 minutes.

Buy Big Daddy

Barbarian From Galactic Fireworks

Modelled on the Hercules cake – which is one of our all-time favourite fireworks – Barbarian is a cake that we’re immensely proud of. We’ve no doubt that you’ll be blown away by the gorgeous, sky-filling effects delivered throughout the 50-second running time of this firework cake.

Buy Barbarian


4th Dimension Rocket Box From Brothers Pyrotechnics

The ever-reliable Brothers Pyrotechnics have really delivered with each of the rockets within this pack. Each of The Sauceror, The King, The Sky Thriller and The Special Ring are packed with astounding pyro-power. They are guaranteed to blow your audience away.

Buy the 4th Dimension Rocket Box Here

Monster Rocket Box

At just £29.99, this box of 30 rockets delivers astonishing value. It includes 20 Comets rockets, as well as 10 Five Alive rockets – with all of the products designed to be used within a garden fireworks display.

Buy the Monster Rocket Box Here

2. The Classics

Every garden display deserves to be graced with at least a few of the classic fireworks. We’ve offered some suggestions on Catherine Wheels, Fountains, Roman Candles and Mines, each of which can bring something unique to your display.

Catherine Wheels, Roman Candles, Fountains & Mines

Penny Farthing From Brothers Pyrotechnics

Currently our showpiece Catherine wheel, we’ve been delighted with the Penny Farthing since we introduced it within our range. Incredibly, you get two of these wheels for under five pounds, which is remarkable when you consider the magical effects that are produced.

Buy Penny Farthing

Mighty Barrage From Fireworks International

Roman Candles remain a classic of the garden fireworks display and the Mighty Barrage can help you continue the tradition in style. This twin-pack includes one of each of the Westminster barrage and Nelsons Column, which each shoot a series of stunning effects high into the sky.

Buy Mighty Barrage

Greek Mystery & Turkish Delight From Cube Fireworks

Greek Mystery and Turkish Delight are a pair of high-quality fountains that deliver superb performance, all for less than £10. Crafted by Cube Fireworks, they’re great for breaking up your display and giving something different to your audience.

Buy Greek Mystery & Turkish Delight

Blue Eruption Mine From Hallmark Fireworks

We’ve always been a big fan of mine fireworks here at Galactic, as they deliver explosive pyro action quite like no other firework. Blue Eruption Mine is an example of a mine at its best. Luring viewers into a false sense of security with a sparkling fountain, the firework finishes with a ferocious eruption of 10 titanium gold and blue brocades.

Buy Blue Eruption Mine

3. Something Special

If you have a larger budget available to use, then it’s worth splashing out on one of our Compound Connecting Fireworks. These are truly astonishing fireworks.

Amazed From Hallmark Fireworks

Hallmark Fireworks have really burst onto the UK scene over the past year, so we were delighted to introduce Amazed within our 2016 range. A compound cake of outstanding power, it produces close to one and half minutes of riproaring entertainment. Throughout the running time, we can honestly say you’ll bare witness to some of the best firework effects we’ve had the pleasure of viewing in recent times. Well worth the outlay if you have a larger budget available.

Buy Amazed

4. A Bit Of Sparkle

Don’t forget to include some sparklers. Always a crowd favourite, they’re great if you want to have a break in the middle of your display. All the following options are available for just 99p or less:

Giant Sparklers x 5 (1 Pack) – Buy Here

Monster Crackling Sparklers – Buy Here

Monster Coloured Sparklers – Buy Here

Delivery Times for Your New Year’s Eve Fireworks

You can find all the information you need on delivery times for your fireworks here. Please ensure that you read our last order dates to avoid any disappointment.