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Bonfire Night is incoming & we have teamed up with Bonkers Competitions to give you the opportunity to win the UK’S BIGGEST FIREWORK WORTH £549.99 FREE OF CHARGE! It’s mega easy to get involved, Simply grab a FREE ticket on Bonkers website HERE The draw will be done live on OCTOBER 23RD. Tell your friends and family to grab a ticket too and be in with a bigger chance of winning! The incredible End Of The World compound firework weighs a whopping 34KG and is a genuinely a single ignition... Read More


Spectacular Kite Fireworks

These amazing kites are flying over the Caspian Sea in June of 2009 in a special performance for the President of Turkmenistan. The delta kites are 17′ wingspan kites with Super LED lights and fireworks all controlled by radio control. The diamond kites are 6′ wide and 6′ high with 100′ tails. The kites are two line steerable kites.


Sale Weekend 2021 – Everything you need to know.

Back once again for 2021 is our Famous Sale Day/Weekend! This is guaranteed to be the best time of the year to buy your fireworks, huge discounts up to 80% off across our entire range, super special offers and some crazy clearance deals. View the video above where we run through when, where and what is happening. We have some of the craziest offers ever seen this year however here we walk through just a few of the extra special offers that will be available. Buy online from the 18th-19th... Read More


Firework Gattling Gun

We came up with this fun idea of firing up the massive fireworks. This is our massive fireworks experiment and we’re sharing that with you! We used 500 fireworks with 30shots in each fireworks. It was, all in all 15,000 shots in total. Do not try this at home or alone!


Electric Firing Gone Wrong

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, as you can see here in this video. This is the first time that I’ve ever seen this, but the ignitor lit when I turned on the power to the box.


77 Firework Facts

Records        The largest chocolate firework was made by Nestle. It measured 3m x 1.5m and contained 60kg of Swiss Caller chocolates. The firework was released during New Year’s celebrations in Zurich at the end of 2002.        The record for the world’s largest Catherine wheel was set in Malta at an impressive 32m in diameter.        The largest firework rocket – which measured in at 13.40 kg – was produced and launched in Portugal on 13th October 2010.        The largest fireworks display consisted of 540,382 fireworks and took... Read More


The Galactic Fireworks Museum

As you know at Galactic we are true firework geeks! Over time we have accumulated some lovely bits of old pyro. I hope that you’re old enough to recognise some of this stuff. I know I love it and cannot help buying more of these classic pyro-treats. This is a small selection of the collectable fireworks that we have on display at our head office.