New Year Fireworks Made Easy: 7 Top Tips From Galactic

So, you’ve decided to stage your very own New Year fireworks display? At first, putting on a DIY fireworks show can seem daunting, but that’s why we at Galactic are here – to make your New Year celebration the biggest, boldest, most memorable and safe display it can be.

Safety ALWAYS Comes First: Follow The Firework Code

Fireworks are a dazzling way to ring in the New Year and, by following the Firework Code, you can ensure your display is not only the best, but the safest too

  1. Always plan your firework display in advance – never make it up as you go!
  2. Only allow adults to operate, light and safely dispose of fireworks – keep children and young people a safe distance away
  3. Keep fireworks stored safely in closed boxes and use them one at a time
  4. Always read the instructions!
  5. Stand well back when lighting fireworks
  6. Keep naked flames well away, including cigarettes
  7. Once a firework is lit, do not go back to it
  8. Never put fireworks in your pockets, and never throw them
  9. Always make sure your fireworks are securely pointed away from spectators

Understand How Each Firework Works

There is a huge variety of fireworks for sale online; they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and types. There is more to it than simple rockets that go bang (although we do love those too!). Understanding your firework types and attributes is key to putting on a dazzling display – including their weight, category, duration, explosive weight and number of shots.

You Don’t Need To Break The Bank

Worried about your display costing the Earth? The good news is your mega display can looklike a big budget extravaganza without actually being one! You just always need to make sure to buy yours from a trusted and reputable retailer. At Galactic Fireworks, even our less expensive fireworks are incredibly high quality.

When Is It Best To Go Loud?

Really loud fireworks can be a great main event for any New Year fireworks display, but while many of us love the noise to be cranked up, the very best displays accommodate for all tastes and show variety. If your audience does not like it too loud, no problem, there are some beautiful low noise fireworks available too.

Careful, creative planning and understanding your audience is key. Treat your display like a movie – it should have highs, lows and a rapturous finale!

Keep It Snappy

It’s important not to drag your display on for too long. More important than length is rhythm, impact and creativity. It’s the middle of winter after all, and people may get chilly and restless if your display goes on forever. A 10-minute display with high quality fireworks, a killer soundtrack and a good structure can create far better memories than one dragged out for 30 minutes.

Add Some Extra Sparkle

The sparkler is a timeless classic and a consistently popular addition to complement any fireworks display. A guaranteed crowd pleaser, they are also very cheap, with some available for less than £1 per pack. Always be sure to follow safety instructions for sparklers carefully.

Buy From A Seller You Trust

Putting on your own New Year Fireworks display will be an exciting experience for everyone involved. Many retailers will have a range of fireworks for sale, particularly around this time of year. Always make sure to buy only high-quality fireworks from reputable retailers.

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