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December 26th 2015

New Year Fireworks Buying Guide

Following the success of the buying guide we put together for Bonfire Night, we thought we’d do something similar to assist those searching for New Year’s Eve fireworks. We’ve taken a number of fantastic fireworks from our 2015 New Year’s range and matched them with some explosive rockets to make 4 complete displays. No matter your budget, you’ll be able to do things in style with this guide.

With a Budget of £100

On a budget of £100, you couldn’t ask for much more in terms of truly high-quality fireworks. Starting with the Dum Bum, you’ll struggle to find a noisier firework anywhere else in the UK. If you want to bring in the New Year with a bang, this is the only choice.

We’ve then chosen to follow this up with the Spread. Consisting of 39mm tubes packed with 980g of powder, this fancake firework produces blue bouquets with golden crackling belts.

To complete the set, we’ve included the wonderful 5-Alive Rocket Pack. More than just your typical supermarket rocket, these are sure to fill the sky with colour and noise.  

With a Budget of £200

For £200, these 4 firework selections really give you bang for your buck. Getting things underway is the Diamonds 70; which our own staff at Galactic have described as being one of the most powerful, spectacular fireworks that they’ve seen.

We’ve then mixed things up with the Power Station 1, which is always popular with true pyromaniacs. The sound that this firework produces is astonishing; whilst the effects themselves are amongst some of the best you’ll ever see from a garden-suitable firework.

The 8 rockets within the Trail Blazer Rocket Box then bring even more energy to this impressive collection. Completing the quartet is the King Rocket, which is up there with the very best rockets we stock. Culminating in a huge willow burst, this seriously delivers on wow-factor.

With a Budget of £300

With a budget of £300, you’re able to enter the realms of combining cakes and rockets with multi-firing fireworks. For the latter of these, we’ve selected the Showtime cake. Lasting a phenomenal 2 minutes and 40 seconds, you’ll find few better ways to start or end a display.

We’ve then included the Undisputed, which was one of the most eagerly-anticipated fireworks of 2015 when it first arrived. Sky-filled salvos are guaranteed. The Treasure Chest then adds even more stunning effects to the occasion.

To complete this suggested £300 package, we’ve added the War Hawk Rockets pack. For the price, the sky-filling bursts you’ll get to witness are simply astounding.

With a Budget of £400

If you feel like you want to push to a higher budget, this truly is a fantastic collection of fireworks. Including almost everything you could want from a garden display, this selection is guaranteed to make it a New Year you won’t forget.

Firstly, you’ve got the 126-shot Tardis model, which pushes the boundaries of domestic fireworks. There are then three types of rockets:

Resurrection Rocket Box – This powerful pair of explosive rockets comprises of a Crackling Palm and a Brocade; both of which create stunning effects.

Heroes & Villains – One of our new rocket packages in 2015; the Heroes & Villains are simply enormous. When you see them in action, you’ll understand why!

Nebula Rocket Pack – The final of the rockets we’ve included is the Nebula pack. This pack contains 9 high-end rockets that will live long in the memory.

The crowning glory of this £400 collection is then undoubtedly the Godfather - a multi-firing firework made up of three individual products linked together. Lasting over 2 and a half minutes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better firework on the UK market.

Buy Your New Year’s Fireworks Today

As New Year’s Eve approaches, make sure you’re well prepared for your display. Contact our team at Galactic today to make your order. We’re on 01709 769 184.