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September 25th 2012

Jim Pitcher

Hi Nigel,
AMAZING.INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC and I could go on. Thank you so much the crowd loved it all and so did I, the best year yet. How we'll better this in 2013 I don't know but will give it a good go m8 they were all so good but special mention for
Dark angel - a really reliable performer (might pair two up next year)
Crescendo - so powerful - car alarms were going off - love it
Maximum ShowTime - so impressive and so big
Fire one - its never over till its over - great all-rounder
2 x &0 Shot DIamonds and Power Station 1 to finish ( I couldn't see they sky )
4 x king rockets - correct 'the king ' is alive and very well
Thanks a mil m8, cant express how fantastic it was
All the best to you and your team and thanks for your friendly expert advise
Jim Pitcher