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October 20th 2015

Fireworks Online Buying Guide – £50, £100, £200 & £500

The 5th November is always a particular highlight of the year for firework enthusiasts. A well-celebrated tradition within the UK, it throws up the perfect opportunity to make great memories with friends and family. 

A popular way to mark the event is to hold a home display, but it can be difficult to know how much to spend and what fireworks to invest your money in. Even if you’re well-experienced in putting on a display, you may be unsure that you’re getting the best return on your investment.

Bearing this in mind, we’ve put together a guide to some fantastic selections of fireworks you can buy from us within four specific price ranges – 50, 100, 200 and 500 pounds. Given that we individually fire and test every single firework we stock, you can feel confident in obtaining true quality when you choose to spend money with us.

Option A - Fireworks on a £50 Budget

You can also contact us for a £50 package, such as the Carry Pack 1 contains all you need for a brilliant back garden display. It consists of a selection box of fireworks – which will form the bulk of your display – as well as 2 multi-shot cakes and a pack of rockets. All in all, a great mix.

On top of these fireworks we've added a Lavish from Brothers Pyrotechnics - which is a stunning 25-shot cake; perfect as a finale to round off your evening.

Option B - Fireworks on a £100 Budget

For 100 pounds, this display will give you fantastic value for money. To start off, it includes a great set of nine 16-shot cakes in the Fabulous 9 by Royal Party. These are all mixed-effect cakes which, despite their size, really pack a punch. Alongside this you have the Trail Blazer Rocket Box, which contains 8 high-performance caged rockets.

To complete the set, we have the Diamond Princess – which is one of the very best sellers from 2014. A truly top class finale for the display, I can assure you that anyone who saw one of these last year will undoubtedly be back for another again this year.

Option C – Fireworks on a £200 Budget

Now, for 200 pounds, I would keep it really simple and take 2 of the best pound-for-pound items here at Galactic Fireworks. The main part to your display will be the Mammoth Cake Pack - a set of 12 fireworks hand-picked by our team to create a fantastic 10-minute display.

For this pack, we have mixed fireworks from multiple brands and with various firing patterns to create what we believe to be the ultimate package of fireworks all for just £149.99. Then, the icing on the cake is the High Voltage. This unbelievable finale fires its 54 shots in just 26 seconds; filling the entire sky with electric crackles.

Option D – Fireworks on a £500 Budget

What a display this is for 500 pounds. You've got the Mighty Fine 9, which comprises of nine fireworks hand-picked by the team here at Galactic Fireworks. These include products from Brothers Pyrotechnics, Royal Party and Magnum Series; all of which scream quality. To compliment these I've also added:

  • The gorgeous Sapphire Crown, which fills the sky with golden willows that hang there and slowly float back down to earth.
  • The short but sweet Candy Flies, which fans left-to-right to create a sea of silver glitter.
  • The Thunder Strike, which has been included for the noise that its 48 shots make when puncturing the night with ear-splitting reports.

As always we save the best for last. The Sapphires 70 is what I've chosen to end this display. Personally, it's my favourite firework from our entire range as it has these wonderful golden tendrils that just erupt and swim back downward. This coupled with the power of a maximum weight firework mean that your night will definitely end on a high.

That's not even to mention the 12 Sky Ultra rockets I've included for good measure, just so you rocket maniacs out there can get your fill.

Fantastic Fireworks from Galactic

So there you have it. This guide should stand you in good stead when it comes to purchasing fireworks based around a number of different budgets. We’re absolutely sure you’ll be happy choosing us as your supplier and look forward to hearing from you.

To speak to a member of our dedicated team, call us today on 01709 769 184.

Cheers – and happy celebrations.