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December 27th 2015

Fantastic Fireworks One of 5 Things to Make a Perfect New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is always fondly celebrated within the UK. Everyone has their favourite way to revel in the festivities, but what key components make for a perfect evening? By combining some of the suggestions below, we’re confident you’ll enjoy your night.

Family and Friends

The key to a great New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly the company you spend the evening with. Whether it’s getting together with long-standing friends or catching up with family, the night is a great excuse to make new memories with loved ones.


There are so many different ways to celebrate the evening. If you always do the same thing, why not try something different for this New Year’s Eve? Some of the countless possibilities include:

- Local events

- A trip abroad

- A house party

- Food and drinks in the city centre

- Firework displays

Food and Drink

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or eating out at your favourite restaurant, a special meal can really enhance your New Year’s Eve experience. Similarly, spending the night at your local or venturing into town for a few cocktails are some of the other ways you can celebrate. Why not combine the two for the best of both worlds?


Tradition dictates the that each New Year be brought in with a classic rendition of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, the famous anthem paying homage to belonging and friendship. For the rest of the night, there are plenty of other ways music is used as part of celebrations too. From local festivals to party playlists, your favourite songs can help to enhance the experience.

New Year’s Fireworks

We may be slightly biased, but no New Year’s Eve is complete without some fantastic fireworks! They can help to add that extra special touch to the evening – particularly at a garden party – and make sure that the night is one that lives long in the memory.

As always, our team here at Galactic are your best possible bet when it comes to finding the products that you require. With cakes, rockets and packages to suit all your needs you’re sure to find the fireworks you need from us.

If you’re interested in hosting a New Year’s Eve firework display – be that professionally or at home – then make sure to check out our excellent New Year fireworks buying guide. This can help you to put together the perfect display based around a specific budget.