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February 5th 2016

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Chinese New Year is celebrated by millions of people throughout the world. Typically lasting over two weeks, it remains an integral part of the year for nearly a sixth of the globe’s population. China, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia are some of the many locations where the event is widely anticipated.

Marked by the lunisolar Chinese calendar, the date of Chinese New Year changes annually. This year, it begins on Monday 8th February. It will last until the 27th January 2017 and, in line with tradition, it will be known as ‘The Year of the Monkey’.

2016 is the Year of the Monkey

The idea of basing each year around a cycle of animals was formed long ago. The concept is based around the Chinese zodiac, which is divided into 12 blocks each lasting a year. Every one of these blocks has a set animal attributed to it.

Those born in the Year of the Monkey – which won’t occur again until 2028 – are said to be quick-witted, innovative, smart, intelligent and mischievous. These traits are said to lead to them having long, prosperous careers that are full of wealth.

Following Tradition

Some of the many traditions associated with Chinese New Year include:

  • A ban on sweeping or cleaning on the New Year’s Day. If you sweep at this time it is said that all your wealth for the year will be swept away.
  • A need for a positive attitude. It is believed that your year will pan out based upon the attitude you begin it with.
  • Travelling home to see family.
  • The giving of gifts, which forms an important part of the event.

In addition to these lesser-known customs, fireworks remain an integral part of Chinese New Year celebrations. This is somewhat appropriate, given that China is the country of origin for these famous products. For the fortnight following Chinese New Year, the displays put on around the world could scarcely be more spectacular.

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Here in the UK – and London in particular - there are numerous events held to commemorate this highlight of the Chinese calendar. If you’d like to celebrate in your own space though, we at Galactic can help make it a year to remember.

Through our expansive product collections, we can provide all the inspiration you need to select the Chinese New Year fireworks best matched to your needs. With our rockets (including the stunning 1000 pound firework), mines, cakes, fountains and more, we continue to supply fireworks suitable for everything from small garden displays to large public events.

To discover more, why not drop into one of our four fantastic stores? These can be found in Retford, Dinnington, South Elmsall and Ripley. Alternatively, if you’re looking to have your fireworks sent out to you over the next couple of weeks, check out our delivery information to get an idea on timescales.


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