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New Year Fireworks Made Easy: 7 Top Tips From Galactic

So, you’ve decided to stage your very own New Year fireworks display? At first, putting on a DIY fireworks show can seem daunting, but that’s why we at Galactic are here – to make your New Year celebration the biggest, boldest, most memorable and safe display it can be. Safety ALWAYS Comes First: Follow The Firework Code Fireworks are a dazzling way to ring in the New Year and, by following the Firework Code, you can ensure your display is not only the best, but the safest too Always plan... Read More


77 Firework Facts

Records        The largest chocolate firework was made by Nestle. It measured 3m x 1.5m and contained 60kg of Swiss Caller chocolates. The firework was released during New Year’s celebrations in Zurich at the end of 2002.        The record for the world’s largest Catherine wheel was set in Malta at an impressive 32m in diameter.        The largest firework rocket – which measured in at 13.40 kg – was produced and launched in Portugal on 13th October 2010.        The largest fireworks display consisted of 540,382 fireworks and took... Read More


Diwali & Fireworks

Diwali is a vibrant and unique religious festival originating in India, that takes place once a year. It is also known as Deepavali or is commonly referred to as ‘The Festival of Lights.’  As it is one of the most important religious festivals, at Galactic Fireworks we wanted to put together a useful resource so that you can learn more about the 5-day-long celebration. Here, we will cover: Who celebrates Diwali Why it is celebrated How it is celebrated Where you can attend celebrations in the UK Who Celebrates Diwali? ... Read More

How To Keep Dogs Calm This Bonfire Night

Firework season can be a stressful time for dogs and their owners, but there are some things we can do to ease this stress and make both dogs and their owners more relaxed over the Bonfire Night period. Below is a great video from Southend Dog Training YouTube Channel. Here he gives us some fantastic advice and tips on how to keep them relaxed, advice that is given in a really refreshing manner where fireworks are accepted with a resolution rather than being completely negative. If we can work together &... Read More