James Turver


The Famous £1,000 Firework

For the Galactic Fireworks team, there’s nothing quite like Bonfire Night. We love this time of year and can’t wait for the 5th of November to explode into action. Throughout our impressive firework ranges, we always offer great excitement and choice. This year though, we’ve taken things up a notch with our latest product edition – the 1000 pound firework. Designed to be the ultimate rocket volley for any occasion, this firework package is genuinely unrivalled in spectacle. Great Value Featuring hundreds of War Hawk rockets that fire in sequence, this... Read More


The £3,000 Rocket Volley

At Galactic we are passionate about fireworks and have a genuine love for them, we are pyromaniacs through and through and this means we are always thinking of what wonderful and wacky experiments we can do?  It got us thinking, whats the best rocket on the market? Of course the Supernova! So shall we fire 10, maybe 20 of them at once? No. of course not, that’s way too normal. It simply had to be 3 figures, 100 Supernovas was the bonkers plan. With this in mind we created a similar set up to... Read More


The Ring Of Fire: 36 Sky Breakers

An idea of ours for a number of years was to somehow fire a huge circle of barrages creating a ring of fire-works! We first of all needed a firework that was high performance, loud, straight firing with a single effect and a duration over 30s. We never had anything that we truly felt would work until we stocked the amazing Sky Breaker!  The Sky Breaker is a awesome 36 shot barrage that launches these huge balls of colour over 30m high before bursting with an ear splitting boom. We then simply designed an overhead view full... Read More