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July 17th 2019

A Fresh New Look!

You may or may not have noticed that we have had a new website Design For 2019!

Numerous things are now different, the main home page itself has had a totally new redesign to make it cleaner, more user friendly and easier to navigate. We have also implimented a new font throughout the entire site, this was to give it a more modern look that was sharper and easier to read. 

A new and explosive mobile deisgn has also been created which is currently undergoing numerous tweaks to ensure it looks and works perfectly. We felt more and more users are browsing on phones & tablets making it crucial to offer an unrivaled experience even when your sat on the sofa!

One thing we felt missing was basic help offering tips, advice and frequently asked questions. We are constantly and understandly asked how do i do this, what do i do with that etc. To take the guess work out of not just buying your fireworks but also settting them up, firing them and even clearing up the pyro aftermath we came up with a 'Knowledge Centre' offering answers to it all. Fireworks are fantastic however can be dangerous when used incorrectly and it was paramount for us to get this accross to our customers.

We do hope you like the changes we have made, please note over the next month or so leading towards our crazy sale weekend we will be tweaking the site adding new and exciting additions until we feel its 100%

Take a look at the full site by clicking HERE