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May 30th 2017

7 Great Firework Cakes for Your 2017 Display

2017 is proving to be another great year for firework cakes, with some seriously strong options already available from a range of leading firework brands.

To help give you an idea of some of the best cakes to consider this year, we’ve put together 7 of our current favourites. Stock up on any of these and you’ll have a winning firework cake for any display.

(Prices as of 28/4/17, subject to change)


Brand: Hallmark Fireworks

Running Time: 80 seconds

Cost: £169.99

Shots: 160

A compound connecting firework from Hallmark Fireworks, Amazed is a cake that’s really struck a chord since we added it to the site. Providing 80 seconds of mesmerising entertainment, it’s a worthy display within its own right.

Amazed’s repertoire of effects include large brocade bursts with coloured spiders, brocades with coloured bursts, brocade crowns and a finale cloud of glitter. Expect colour, power and a firework of truly outstanding quality.

Buy Amazed

The Tardis 

Brand: Cube Fireworks

Running Time: 80 seconds

Cost: £99.95

Shots: 126

Now a mainstay of our stocked cakes, believe us when we say that The Tardis represents truly astonishing value for money. A collection of smaller cakes fused together, this single-ignition barrage possesses power that’s hard to rival in terms of the consumer firework market.

Modelled on a professional, category 4 type firework that you would typically see fired at a professional display, The Tardis is packed full of 1000g worth of explosive weight. Its finale volley is one that will live in the minds of your audience for a very long time.

Buy The Tardis


Brand: Brothers Pyrotechnics

Running Time: 64 seconds

Cost: £89.99

Shots: 107

Performing to an exceptional standard for over a minute, Hercules is arguably Brothers Pyrotechnics’ finest achievement to date. It’s one that we’ve been fans of at Galactic for some time. With its green tails, multi-coloured waves and an explosive finale, it’s easy to see why.

This mighty cake is a former winner of ‘firework of the year’ at the National Firework Awards, so it’s understandable that it’s earned a superb reputation. If you’re in any doubt over whether Hercules worth the outlay, simply check out the video below!

Buy Hercules


Brand: Galactic Fireworks

Running Time: 60 seconds

Cost: £69.99

Shots: 134

One of our very own cakes at Galactic, Barbarian delivers vertical and fan effects high into the sky. Currently available for an astoundingly-low price, the Hercules was definitely an inspiration in the creation of this cake.

Initially mixing colourful blue and red bursts with a hanging golden willow, Barbarian explodes into a sky-filling finale. Due to its running time and interesting mix of powerful effects, this firework is suitable for everything from weddings to small-to-medium-sized displays.  

Buy Barbarian

Stealth Rising 

Brand: Celtic Fireworks

Running Time: 36 seconds

Cost: £49.99

Shots: 30

Every now and again, a cake comes along that offers effects that truly belie its size and value. With its magical plume effects, Stealth Rising from Celtic Fireworks does exactly that. Coming in at under £50, it’s worth the investment for any display.

Throughout the running time, this professional-grade quality cake fires two beautiful golden plumes in tandem; either side of a central series of green strobing stars. The central shots explode into a large golden plume at the height of their climb.

Buy Stealth Rising

Amazing 3 

Brand: Hallmark Fireworks

Running Time: 110 seconds

Cost: £74.97

Shots: 57

This collection of three powerful cakes from Hallmark Fireworks gives you enough pyro power to put on a short display – perfect for a back garden celebration or a wedding. Delivering nearly two minutes of combined entertainment, this box is a smart buy for any pyro enthusiast.

You get one each of the Moonraker, Shaken Not Stirred and Golden Eye models when you choose this pack, which packs a combined explosive weight of 1383g. Expect a mix of colour, magical effects and fantastic pound-for-pound value.

Buy Amazing 3

Big Silver Chrysanthemum With Blue Mine 

Brand: Jorge Fireworks

Running Time: 40 seconds

Cost: £69.99

Shots: 49

This superb 49-shot cake from Jorge Fireworks doesn’t half pack a punch. Packed to the absolute brim with pyro power, it delivers an outstanding series of effects. Mixing sky-filling silver crackles with a blue mine finale, there’s no doubt that this cake will wow your audience.

The mine itself reaches around 15ft, adding an extra level of quality to this firework, which continues to prove increasingly popular with Galactic customers.

Buy Silver Chrysanthemum With Blue Mine


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