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December 22nd 2015

5 Great All-In-One Christmas Fireworks to Make This Festive Season Memorable

Celebrating Christmas with friends and family is arguably the best thing about the festive season. From enjoying too much food, to making the most of time away from work, there are few other times of the year that everyone looks forward to so much.

Whilst we’ve no doubt you’ll make the most of your own celebrations, why not add something extra special to this year’s proceedings? Our selection of Christmas fireworks are an unusual, interesting way to make this Christmas one you’ll never forget.

We’ve selected a number of combination fireworks that are sure to provide an unforgettable few minutes of explosive entertainment. All but one of our choices feature multi-firing fireworks; where you simply need to light one fuse before sitting back and enjoying the action.

The perfect way to finish a great Christmas!

Grand Slam

As the largest fused firework that Brothers Pyrotechnics produce, we’re delighted to include the Grand Slam as the first suggestion on our selection of potential Christmas fireworks. It includes the Thunderking, Vendetta, OMG and Hercules models.

One of the many attractive qualities of the Grand Slam is its running time. At a staggering 4 minutes, it provides simply superb value for money. It delivers on everything from colour, to sound, to running order.


Check out the Grand Slam

The Godfather  

From the moment you light the first fuse, right through to the finale 2 minutes and 35 seconds later, it’s easy to see why the Godfather has become one of our most widely sought-after multi-firing fireworks.

Combining the Napalm, Power Station1 and Real Steel fireworks, the Godfather features everything that you could ask for your money. As it hisses, crackles, bangs and explodes its way through the line-up, the only thing you’ll be left wishing for is more!


Maximum Showtime Display Kit

Lasting over 2 and a half minutes, the Maximum Showtime Display Kit contains three stunning fireworks all very simply linked together. Each of the Rip, Fireworks Crazy and Nerve Centre models included will make for a magical display that you’ll never forget.

From the spectacular colour combinations, through to the unforgettable sound effects, this kit is an action-filled box of magnificence.


Check out the Showtime firework cake

The Linked FX

Cleverly combining three separate fireworks – Viral Spire, Open Fire and Neon Boom – the Linked FX multi-firing firework has proven to be extremely popular since we added it to our inventory. Capable of filling the sky for more than one and a half minutes, it’s well worth your investment.

Beginning with swirls that climb higher and higher, things then step up a notch with multiple fanned explosions. The Linked FX then crackles, bangs and fizzes its way towards a mesmerising finale.


Check out the Linked FX

King Rocket

The King Rocket is so good that it merits being on this list even if it’s the only firework you choose to buy. Even better when combined with one of the combo boxes above, it’s capable of delivering that true wow-factor for you and your guests.

Now one of our most legendary rocket products, it culminates in a giant willow that spreads magically across the sky. As it hangs impressively after exploding, the lingering effect of the King Rocket will be one you’ll never forget.


BONUS OPTION – The Thousand Pound Firework

Whilst we appreciate not everyone will have the budget, if you can afford it then you really must go for our mind-blowing Thousand Pound firework. Featuring 400 War Hawk Rockets – which would typically retail for £2,400 – this firework represents a remarkable saving.

Once it goes off, we’re confident you’ll experience a feeling nothing quite like anything you’ve enjoyed before. It’s simply astonishing.


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