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September 24th 2014

3x Diamonds 70 Shot

Here we're firing 3 of the most powerful cakes out there on the market today. We have slightly angled the outer two cakes to give an amazing fanned effect.


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October 23rd, 2016 at 20:35

Hello there, ive used you guys for the past two years as your website is so much better and easier than any other I've seen, the bundle packs of 3 or more of the same cake is a great idea but im just curious as to why these bundle packs are not available to buy anymore...
-3x diamonds 70
-3x sapphires 70
-4x tardis
Top gun mine/candle
These were great in my new year display last time and will be looking into getting these again. Will they be available before new year ? Many thanks, Paul.