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September 30th 2016

16 Small But Super-Powered Classic Garden Fireworks to Ignite Your Display

Sometimes the classics are the best. In the case of fireworks, it’s amazing how often that can be the case.

Bonfire Night is one of the UK’s great annual traditions. Having been firmly engrained within the national culture for centuries, it has been the source of many magical memories for households up and down the country.

For some, the highlight is the food. For others, it’s the warmth of a roaring bonfire. For us though, there’s no better way to complete any 5th November celebrations than with an electric garden fireworks display.

More Than Your Usual Garden Fireworks Display

It’s worth putting thought into how you put yours together.

Out of force-of-habit, many people will go down to their local supermarket to get their fireworks – but trust us when we say you should mix up your approach this year and come to Galactic for the products you need.

Not only are the fireworks we sell are in a different league to the ones you’re likely to  be used to, we also offer superb choice and unbelievable pricing throughout our ranges.

Whilst we do stock larger fireworks for bigger displays, we also offer our own gargantuan takes on a selection of traditional garden fireworks too. Which is why we’ve put together this guide. 

Designed for smaller households that want display-quality effects for reasonable prices, these fireworks are truly on another level in terms of their quality.

Fountains, cakes, Catherine wheels and Roman candles are just a few of the traditional fireworks we’ve featured. Our versions, though, will take your experience of such products to another galaxy.

Even if you just pick out a few to add to this year’s display itinerary, we can assure you that you won’t be left disappointed.

All of the fireworks we’ve included are available for under £20!


Sphinx TNT

We’ll get things underway with the Sphinx TNT. It’s our genuine belief that you’d struggle to find a comparable cake that delivers such impressive effects for under ten pounds. Every shot has been thought out to make this one of the most memorable low-priced fireworks that we stock here at Galactic.

Buy Sphinx TNT Here

Ring of Electric

Currently running for half the recommended price, Ring of Electric doesn’t hold back on the power. Delivery a volley of devastating blows into the night sky, this is a great cake to start off your display. Not one that you’ll forget in a hurry.

Buy Ring of Electric Here!


Every now and again, a firework comes along that leaves you awestruck. Stinger definitely fits that description. The magical crosettes that it releases seem to hang for an eternity, with vivid colours that are some of the most vivid we’ve ever seen for a cake of this size. A real crowd-pleaser.

Popping Candy

One of our outstanding Buy One Get One Free cakes, Popping Candy offers a superb opportunity to pack some extra quality into your garden display. Delivering power that belies its size, this cake packs an entertaining series of red, green and yellow tails with popping flowers.

Whistling Ghosts

This spooky cake is packed full of ghoulish delights. Releasing ghostly shots that get faster and faster as they climb, Whistling Ghosts runs at a superb pace. Currently, we’re offering it on Buy One Get Free. Hauntingly good value.

Nebula Storm

Featuring silver spinners, purple coconuts and some impressive noise, Nebula Storm is one of Celtic Fireworks’ finest accomplishments. Throughout its running time of over half a minute, it’s been designed to deliver high performance in every sense of the word. All for under twenty pounds.

Pharoes Fire

We simply had to include this cake from Magnum Series Fireworks. In our opinion, their products deliver the most magical effects available to UK consumers – and never more so than with this cake. Having seen every kind of firework, it takes something special to blow us away, but Pharoes Fire certainly did just that. The dazzling, strobe-like effects will be like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Buy Pharoes Fire Here!

Dragon’s Tale

This charming cake is new for 2016. Appropriately, it offers some suitably mystical effects. If you’re playing with a budget of around £100, this is a great choice for the finale piece. You won’t believe the power packed in for the price.

Buy Dragon’s Tale Here!

Roman Candles

Shell Attack Candles

One of the most famous types of firework around, Roman Candles can be a real highlight for your garden display. These Shell Attack Candles – which come grouped as a pack of 4 – all offer their own unique effects. What’s more, they’re currently available on Buy One Get One Free!

Buy the Shell Attack Roman Candles Here!

Atom Bomb Twin Burst

Another great product from the reputable Bright Star Fireworks. The modest size of these Roman Candles makes the effects they create all the more impressive. Designed to release a series of double explosions, they’re a great way to add some noise to your display.

Firework Fountains

Hokus Pokus

A truly beautiful fountain firework, Hokus Pokus offers colour and sparkle in abundance. It really is a thrill to watch. Priced at well under £10, the 40-or-so seconds of entertainment it delivers are all the more astonishing when you consider the cost. There’s even some erupting stars thrown in for good measure.

Alien Surprise

One for the kids, Alien Surprise is a wonderfully-novel take on the traditional garden fountain. Featuring a design from another world, it sprays sparks throughout its firing time. What’s more, the alien’s eyes even light up to add to the spectacle.

Flaming Fireballs

A great way to get the classic ‘ahhh’ reaction from your audience, this pretty firework delivers some hypnotic effects for your viewing pleasure. Lasting for over 40 seconds, it’s a great way to bring down the tone of your display.

Buy the Flaming Fireballs Fountain Here!


Diamond Mine

This powerful mine really pushes the limits of garden fireworks – you’ll want to keep your distance! A great way to start off any display, it begins with a haunting squeal. This will lure your audience into a false sense of security, with little hint of the explosive finale to come.

Catherine Wheels

Fiery Eye

This is possibly the best Catherine wheel we’ve ever stocked at Galactic Fireworks. The effects are truly hypnotic, with glorious colours and blazing visuals on offer throughout. At over a minute, this model offers superb value for money.

Penny Farthing

New for 2016, the Penny Farthing will soon replace the Fiery Eye as our best-selling Catherine wheel. The Penny Farthing arrives packaged as a pair, these wheels are dazzling, colourful and full of spell-binding effects.