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October 23rd 2017

10 Must-Buy Firework Cakes Under £100

Great cakes are at the centre of any high-end fireworks display. With this in mind – and with 5th November just around the corner – we’ve put together this guide, which is full of great recommendations for your 2017 display!

(Prices correct at time of writing, subject to change) 

The Weapon G From Galactic Fireworks

Brand new from the Galactic team for 2017, Weapon G is the ultimate finale cake. Flooding the sky with a barrage of truly jaw-dropping effects, it will leave your audience absolutely stunned with its quality.

Throughout its running time – which comes in at around 40 seconds – you’ll enjoy an intriguing mix of giant red and gold brocades. Packing an explosive weight of 990g, are you prepared for the power?

Gun Slinger From Galactic Fireworks

Another new firework from our 2017 collection, Gun Slinger is a massive, 78-shot cake providing close to a minute of explosive entertainment. It’s already been going down a treat with our regulars.

Starting with a series of explosive, straight-firing reports, things quickly escalate; moving on to a series of sky-filling shots that draw you from left to right. We’re confident that this one will leave you speechless with its quality.

Buy Gun Slinger Now For £74.99

Hercules Limited Edition From Brothers Pyrotechnics

Given the outstanding reputation earned by the Hercules over the years, it was hard to see it getting any better. Yet with this Limited Edition version, Brothers Pyrotechnics have only gone and done it.

Adding tonnes of loud reports to the original version, this upgrade to the Hercules is nothing short of phenomenal. If you want a serious cake that mixes pyro power and noise in equal measure, then this is the one for you.

Buy Hercules Extreme Now For £89.99

Night Passion From Hallmark Fireworks

This giant cake fires v-fanned shots throughout its impressive running time. Coming in at around a minute, it delivers great value for money. Night Passion has been manufactured by Hallmark Fireworks, who have filled the hole previously occupied by Royal Party Fireworks.

This cake’s effects include: bright coloured bursts, v-shaped comets, coloured stars and red tails. Mixed with the white and green glittering, you get a truly magical mix of pyro power.


Pyro Crazy From Galactic Fireworks

One of the most spectacular fanned fireworks you’ll find for under £100, Pyro Crazy is another great option from our range here at Galactic Fireworks. Packing an explosive weight of 750g, it runs for over 30 seconds and makes a great choice for a finale cake.

Launching rapid-fire shots from right-to-left and back again, this cake delivers some truly explosive action. Now with golden brocades that willow down throughout the running time, Pyro Crazy delivers some serious pound-for-pound value.

Redemption From Sky Crafter Fireworks

For anyone seeking a cake designed to generate maximum noise, Redemption is an awesome option. An 80-shot beauty from Sky Crafter fireworks, this seems to be even louder than Brocade War – which was such a hit in 2016.

What separates this cake from the rest of the noise is that it also backs up the volume with some truly mesmerising effects. Producing golden brocades that hang and hang in the sky, it’s one to inspire an entire audience.

Buy Redemption Now For £74.99

Brocade War From Klaskek Fireworks

A cornerstone of the Klasek Fireworks repertoire, Brocade War has been designed to elevate your display to the next level. Regularly generating five-star reviews, it won’t disappoint your audience.

With a running time of around a minute – and an explosive weight of 998g, this cake doesn’t just deliver great effects. It also goes big on noise. Alongside Redemption and Hercules Limited, it’s one of the loudest firework cakes we sell.

Doomsday (500 Shot) From Tai Pan Fireworks 

Probably the best dustbin-style cake consumer money can buy, Doomsday is one of Tai Pan Fireworks’ finest achievements. Having been part of our stock for more than 2 years, it’s long been a favourite of Galactic customers.

Full of colour and effects that include whistling comets, this cake is relentless in its quality. Boasting 500 shots that erupt one after the other, Doomsday packs truly astonishing quality for its relatively modest price.

Manic Miner From Tai Pan Fireworks

Another one from Tai Pan Fireworks, Manic Miner is certainly not for the faint hearted. With half the clue in the name, this mine cake is truly display quality and it makes an outstanding finale firework. 

Delivering 16 shots comprising of 3 bursts (with each accompanied by a colossal mine lift), this unique cake more than justifies its price. Running for close to 70 seconds, Manic Miner includes dual fusing for additional safety.

Elite Challenger From Hallmark Fireworks 

It’s hard to do Elite Challenger justice with words. Just make sure you check out the video for this cake from Hallmark, as it really does produce some of the best effects you could possibly buy on the consumer fireworks market.

When we started to stock fireworks from Hallmark, we had absolutely zero reservations. This was based on the fact that their products offer some of the best pyro effects available in the UK. This cake is no exception. 

Buy Elite Challenger Now for £89.99

Raging Inferno From Sky Crafter Fireworks

At the time of viewing Raging Inferno, we weren’t looking to add too many more fireworks to our already expansive ranges – yet this was one that we couldn’t say no to. Launching 80 shots throughout a 45-second running time, it delivers fantastic pound-for-pound value.

With an explosive weight of 960g, it’s little wonder that this large cake launches a mix of stunning effects into the sky. Offering colour, noise and sky-filling quality, it holds its own amongst any running order.

Buy Raging Inferno Now for £74.99