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October 24th 2016

10 Great Fireworks to Celebrate Diwali With

Diwali is celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains around the world. The festival surrounds the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Those marking the occasion hold prayers, celebratory events and of course, firework displays, over five days.

If you’re seeking fireworks to mark this year’s festival, our superb range of Diwali Fireworks is sure to come in handy. To help you put together your display, we’ve picked out 10 fireworks we feel are perfect for the occasion.

2016 Diwali Fireworks

Under £20.00

Glitter Bomb

The charming Glitter Bomb delivers some magical effects, which are made even more special thanks to the astonishingly-low price of this Roman candle. Golden tails that burst into golden, crackling clouds elevate this firework to a level that belies its value. One that’s worth adding to any small display.

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Thunder Bolt

If you like your fireworks loud, then this cake from Bright Star Fireworks is perfect for you. Featuring 25 deafening air bomb shots, this is a firework that’s sure to impress you with its power. Importantly, the effects back up the noise, with bursts of various colour mixed with varying shades of glitter.

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Proton Bomb Extreme

Designed with 16 individual tubes, Proton Bomb Extreme is arguably our most popular firework under twenty pounds. You get loud reports, great effects and a running time of close to 30 seconds – what’s not to like?

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£21.00 -£50.00

Sky Breaker

This cake from Primed Pyrotechnics is quite unlike anything else available on the consumer market. The effects are truly unique, with a wide range of shots on show throughout the running time. A great addition to any small-to-medium-sized display, this cake also delivers plenty of noise to go alongside the effects.

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Space Travel Rocket Box

You’d seriously struggle to find bigger and better high-performance rockets for the price than the ones in the Space Travel Rocket Box. Coming in at just over £7.00-per-rocket, this collection from Jigsaw Fireworks delivers in every possible way. There’s a great variety of effects on offer, with each rocket surpassing a height of around 50 metres.

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Manic Miner

Absolute Tai Pan Fireworks have made something of a habit of producing cakes that deliver some of the best effects around. Manic Miner is no exception to this. A 16-shot mine cake with pro-quality effects, this colossal firework is worth its place amongst any display. An inspiring mix of shots.

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Big Daddy

This fanned cake from Celtic Fireworks is a display within itself. The brand have really outdone themselves with this one. With it, you’ll get to witness some of the most beautiful effects around, including delightfully-coloured falling leaves. A real match for the Galactic Barbarian and the Hercules from Brothers Pyrotechnics.

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Flash Rocket Pack

We’re pretty confident saying that you won’t find another retailer that offers such giant rockets for such an incredible price. Coming in at just £12.50-per-rocket, each of the fireworks within the Flash IV Rocket Pack is all the more remarkable when you see the effects on offer. Explosive pyro action at its best.

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Above £100.00

The Godfather

One of the most famed boxes we stock here at Galactic, The Godfather is packed full of pyro quality. Combining Napalm, Power Station1 and Real Steal, the sheer power of this collection is beyond question. In our opinion, this is the greatest firework available on the UK market today, coming in with a running time of over two and a half minutes!

Buy The Godfather

Diwali Dancer Pack

The priciest of the boxes featured within this selection, the Diwali Dancer Pack still offers superb value. Within it, you get 23 fireworks of the highest quality, with the total sum representing a substantial reduction on the combined RRP. Barrages, Roman candles and cakes are included within the collection, meaning you’ll have fireworks to satisfy every possible taste.

Buy the Diwali Dancer Pack


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