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September 7th 2015

1.3g Fireworks vs 1.4g Fireworks

This article was updated on 17th October 2018.

1.3g v 1.4g Fireworks: Comparison Table

Classification 1.3g Fireworks 1.4g Fireworks
Typical Gunpowder Type Flash Powder Black Powder
Rated Based On Transport Yes Yes
Rated Based On Packaging Yes Yes
Rated Based On Power No No
Sold By Galactic Fireworks Yes Yes
Signified On Packaging  Yes Yes

Here are a list of frequently asked questions related to the differences between 1.3g fireworks and 1.4g fireworks.

What Does 1.3G and 1.4G Mean?

The UN’s default scheme for fireworks ensures that all ‘pyrotechnic articles for entertainment purposes’ are classified by type, depending on how hazardous they are in terms of transportation and packaging.

Fireworks are classified between 1.1G and 1.4G. Consumer fireworks are classed as either 1.3G or 1.4G. In all cases, the classification of a firework is always clearly displayed on the outside of its box.

So 1.3G Fireworks are More Powerful than 1.4G Fireworks?

Not necessarily – it’s a common misconception that 1.3G fireworks are more powerful than 1.4G fireworks.

Whilst this used to be broadly true shortly after the new classification system was introduced, firework manufacturers have since adapted their production processes and are now able to produce some excellent 1.4G fireworks. The classification is more to do with how hazardous the fireworks are.

In general terms, the effects produced by quality 1.4G fireworks can easily surpass 1.3G fireworks; although the latter do tend to be louder.

What Makes 1.3G Fireworks More Hazardous than 1.4G Fireworks?

1.3G fireworks are classified as being more hazardous than their 1.4G fireworks, as they’re likely to contain additional flash-powder. They may also contain dangerous chemicals too.

Whereas 1.4G fireworks tend to use large amounts of ‘black-powder’ (a less powerful version of gunpowder than flash-powder), 1.3G fireworks can sometimes pack a more powerful punch due to the usage of more flash-powder in their manufacture.

As a result of this they are deemed to be more hazardous.

Do 1.3G Fireworks Cost More than 1.4G Fireworks?

No, the cost of a firework depends solely on the quality of the specific product itself and the quality of production the manufacturer employs. You will find that both 1.3G and 1.4G fireworks vary in price however at Galactic we judge the firework on its performance not whether it is 1.3G or 1.4G

Where Do Galactic Stand on 1.4G and 1.3GFireworks?

Here at Galactic Fireworks, we supply both 1.4G and 1.3G fireworks. Despite this, with the new legislation currently coming in - to do with CE European rather than British Standard fireworks – there really are minimal differences between the two.

If we were to pick one out, it would be to do with relation to rockets. The 1.4G versions of these tend to be lacking in quality as a rule of thumb – these are the archetypal ‘supermarket fireworks’ and they tend to just be a fizzle with a few sparks.

You may have noticed that all of our mail order rocket packs are in metal cages, alongside a fair few cakes. This ‘pyromesh’ allows 1.3G flash powder noise in 1.4G storage and shipping. Bear in mind that it really is just the noise difference between both types, even though they all have to abide by the decibel limit applicable to all fireworks.